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These blog posts come from my heart, as told by Julia Penner-Zook.

Not long into the trip I realized I was facing a dilemma. I’m a photographer, surrounded by spectacular sights every single day. But, I am also a woman on a mission, having many, profound experiences – both positive and difficult. Do I choose to focus on photography, or on sharing stories and experiences? Quite quickly I realized, I don’t have time for both. I chose photography.

But, in order to document the stories and experiences as well, I’ve reached out to my friend, Julia Penner-Zook, life coach and author, to write stories and experiences I share with her. In this way what’s on my heart can also be shared in word.

Glacier Gardens (Juneau)

It was pouring rain when I arrived here and I was the only customer … so I received the VIP treatment!



Ferry Trip …

A few pictures of my ferry trip from Skagway back to Juneau! Enjoy the Alaska scenery!


Davidson Glacier (Alaska)

This was my first up close and personal trip to a glacier! We were allowed to touch it. I was saddened to hear how quickly it is receding but I am glad that I was able to see it while it is still all the way to the ground. Spectacular!

Train Trip to White Pass

Super fun train ride up to White Pass with my niece Hannah (who is working in Skagway, Alaska this tourist season).



Alaska Sunset

Wow! That about sums it up! The colors and the sky and the mountains and the water! Breathtaking!



Ferry trip from Juneau to Skagway, Alaska

I had a beautiful and relaxing 7 hour ferry ride from Juneau, Alaska to Skagway, Alaska.  I really think that I could take this ferry multiple times a month and be very content!  Here are some pictures from the trip north!



Alaska – whale watching trip!

The beauty! It is breathtaking here! The mountains, the glaciers, the whales, the bald eagles … and the list goes on!


Flowers and Fish and Food and Wharf!

In and around Yakima, Washington

Visiting wineries with my cousins, looked at murals painted on the sides of buildings, attended a farmers market, stopped at lavender fields, and witnessed wildfires.

Mount Rainier National Park

The blue sky surrounding Mt. Rainier and the wildflowers and waterfalls and streams and so much more! Breathtaking!


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